Ubicomp 2012 Conference Website


In 2012, the Ubicomp conference was in Pittsburgh. My advisor Anind Dey was the General Chair and he asked me to design the conference web site. My design incorporated elements that represent Pittsburgh and the technological focus of the conference.

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I constructed the logo using a 21 × 21 grid of squares, where the letters are made of square "pixels" in the grid. The pixelated letters suggest the technical focus of the conference.

The colors black and yellow/gold to represent Pittsburgh. If you're familiar with Pittsburgh teams, you'd know that major sports teams in Pittsburgh use black and gold.

The Ubicomp 2012 logo.

The logo overlaid with a 21 × 21 grid of squares.


I matched the design of the layout to the logo design. The layout has blocky elements and uses colors similar to the logo.

The final layout design.

Some layouts exploring different elements.

Layout with light background

Black and yellow patterns at the top and gray navigation bar

Navigation is on the left side of the content