Bear Card


This is the postcard and website that Beth and I sent to our family and friends during the winter holidays of 2016. The card is inspired by the "I Love You, California" Bear and the ever-present gift wrap during the holiday season.


We printed 100 postcards and sent them to family and friends during the holidays of 2016.


The bear card on the website changes colors and patterns every time the user refreshes the page or clicks on the "refresh" button.

The card is also printable, so you can print your own copy.

Check out the website.


I drew the postcard using Illustrator.

I implemented the website using React. I wanted to explore how React can render an SVG image. Since the card on the website is rendered with SVG, the card has the following properties:

  • The card can be downloaded as an SVG file that can be printed in high resolution.
  • The lines of the cards are vector graphics, not raster. This means that at various resolutions the lines will not appear jagged.
  • React and SVG allows the application to dynamically set the patterns and colors of shapes in the card.

View the code on GitHub.