Beth and Ian's Save The Date


In late 2015, Beth and I sent Save The Date notifications to our wedding guests. We sent them an email and invited them to invite this website.

Our wedding was in San Francisco, so we wanted the wedding theme to reflect this beautiful city by the bay. We picked blue and orange as our wedding colors to match the Golden Gate Bridge and the clear California sky.

One of our San Francisco inspirations was the 49-Mile Scenic Drive sign. You will often see this sign when you drive around tourist spots in SF. The first thing you see on the website is the postcard inspired by the sign.

We wanted to add a personal touch to our Save The Date by sending postcards to our wedding guests. We didn’t have everyone’s address, so we used the website as a way to collect everyone's address.

As a parting gift for viewing the website, we wanted to share songs about San Francisco and The Bay. Clicking on the numbers will open a YouTube page that will play a song.

Make sure to click around the website for more easter eggs.


I drew the website graphics using Illustrator.

The interactivity is implemented in Javascript using the jQuery library.